KLEO Theme | KLEO WordPress Theme Review

Writing a blog post will always be an enjoyable activity. For bloggers, the joy of sharing your insights to a multitude of readers online is irreplaceable. Part of this pleasurable experience is to choose a blog template that reflects your personality. This blog template will also attract your readers and it would be helpful if the layout and interface is user-friendly. One such template is the KLEO WordPress theme.

KLEO theme | KLEO wordpress theme reviews

About the Author – Seventh Queen

Developed by Seventh Queen, this blog design is an addition to the creator’s extensive portfolio of themes that boast of functionality and intricate details. The creator knows how tech-friendly and compatible templates should be, given the emergence of various social media platforms. With this in mind, the KLEO theme was made.

KLEO’ Features

The KLEO WordPress Theme is like a montage, only that it is composed of several different yet beautiful things. You can custom-create your own blog design, or you can use an already-existing template and just transfer the contents of your previous blog. You can choose to make your blog a portfolio and display your photos and works online. You also have the option to turn it into a multisite blog, which is good for businesses and agencies. You can also have a community weblog that ensures the installation of plugins for chatting and community posting.

KLEO theme's features

The KLEO theme may be sophisticated, splashy, or minimalist, as in the case of the one-page presentation. It is simple and does not overwhelm the readers with too many graphics and fancy font styles. Other designs and templates include the news magazine-boxed layout, materials design color, product landing page, e-commerce, stylish Woocommerce, e-learning, and even Pinterest style. With KLEO, you will never run out of creative ideas and options for your blog.

What draws bloggers towards the KLEO theme is its membership-ready site. This means that you get to control who sees your content. The creator of this theme made it a point to provide privacy in an age when everything is publicized. Logging in also becomes convenient for the user, thanks to the Facebook login synchronicity. Even if you log in using your Facebook account, you will still be able to see the administrator’s panel.

Kleo theme features 2

The KLEO WordPress theme also allows your imagination to run wild. It is a flexible theme that supports all designs and preferences that you want to incorporate into your blog. You will also marvel at the unique designs Seventh Queen has crafted for you.

Once you purchase and install the KLEO theme, you will be given over 40 pages that you can use to create your blog. There is also a drag –and-drop page builder that lets you personalize your website sans the complicated codes and plugins.

Should you purchase the KLEO theme, don’t panic when something goes wrong. The site is available 24/7 for updates and questions, so you get full support whenever you need it.

Aside from these cool features, this theme is also compatible with any kind of device – PC, tablet, or mobile phone. The theme costs $64. To purchase the theme, you have to sign up for an Evanto Market account. You will then be asked for billing details and the payment mode. After reviewing your order, you may already check out. Once you have completed the payment, you are now ready to use your new WordPress theme.

To fully enjoy this theme, make sure that you have a WordPress account. If you are not using this platform, you can ask Seventh Queen to install it for you. However, you’ll have to provide the details of the cPanel access when you check out. The developer will then install the theme in your WordPress site, including the plugins required. Theme installation takes 1-2 days and if you don’t see your new theme within 48 hours, Seventh Queen will return your money.

After the installation of the theme, the team will also import all your posts, content, metadata, widgets, and pages. On the other hand, Buddypress member will not be imported.

Why do you need KLEO?

Why do you need to purchase the KLEO theme? Aside from it being a quality product, you also receive quality and reliable services from Seventh Queen. You also wouldn’t have to spend so much time fussing on the codes and other programming basics that other people find hard to grasp. Installing the theme is easy and quick – you don’t even have to do it yourself. Moreover, you get all the best features in one theme: it’s full of life, color, functions, and options. You wouldn’t get tired of personalizing your designs because Seventh Queen has so much to offer.

The theme is the standard in blog templates. It is not your typical blog template. One look at the interface will tell you that technology and creativity have merged to produce the best theme for you.

WordPress themes are generally easy to install, but some of them are not that interesting enough. Though this theme is not for free, it caters to the refined taste of bloggers. It is also recommended for people who just want to create content and those who do not have the patience to study web designs. The one-click installation system is easy to follow and would make a good starting point for the technology-challenged. All in all, the theme is perfect for anyone who likes to write and tinker with their blogs, without getting overwhelmed with the technicalities of blogging and web designing.

KLeo theme customer reviews

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KLEO – The exact theme you need for your site!

It is a good thing that Seventh Queen created this theme. With all the boring themes that abound in the Net, the KLEO theme sets the bar high. If you want to get quality experience in blogging, check out this theme and watch a live demo. The demo will let you experience the theme without paying yet, so you could explore other options. Nevertheless, the demo is a good way to preview the theme and see how the contents would be arranged in your blog. You could also use this to gauge possible technical difficulties, if any. But for the most part, the KLEO theme is the game-changer in the blogging world.

Kleo theme features