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Subway WordPress Theme

Making a blog interesting is a collaborative work with the content and its design. Most of the time, a blog tends to be dull because it lacks aesthetics and uniqueness from other blogs. Themes are needed to make it more interactive and interesting for the readers. There are many websites that offer themes for blogs and they vary from different designs and features.

One appealing and popular theme is the Subway WordPress Theme from themeforest of the Envato market. It is a highly customizable theme that can match the likings of the blogger in its website. It has been sold over 1,000 times and has a buyer rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. It is regularly updated by the author with its last update on February 25, 2015. It is widget ready and has a high resolution that is fitted perfectly on any screen size.

Subway WordPress Theme

Subway WordPress Theme – Check Live Preview!

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QODE – The author of Subway WordPress Theme

The author of the Subway Theme is Qode, a well-known theme creator of themeforest and has been a member since February of 2013. Qode was the Best Selling New Author on Themeforest in 2013 with almost 40,000 sales and 1,350 followers. With 15 themes, including Bridge Theme and Central Theme, on themeforest and a high reputation on the quality of the themes, Qode has been considered as a Power Elite Author of the Envato Market.>>Check All Themes of QODE! 

Features of Subway WordPress Theme

The Subway WordPress Theme is a premium multi-purpose theme that provides the blogger with different options to choose from in creating the layout of the blog. The features of this theme include the following:

  • It provides a page builder that can easily manage the pages of the blog in order to provide a systematic and easy access of the contents.
  • The headers of each page are customizable wherein different colors and photos can be used to make headers varied in every page.
  • AJAX animations can be used for visual entertainment and can also be turned on or off. Additional blog elements such as pie graphs, organizational charts and progress bars that are usually used in business purposes can also be added in the blog.
  • To showcase artistic creations, portfolios can be used either in single or list layouts.
  • The number of columns is also adjustable whatever the blogger prefers.
  • The icons and photos that are to be displayed are of high quality and resolution because of its retina ready feature.
  • More than 500 customizable font styles and colors are available to adjust the contrast against the background.
  • Its minimalist design makes it modern and classy that is suitable for any kind of use whether business or personal.
  • To accomodate a wide range of readers, the theme is also translation ready that caters the language preferred by the users. To make it even more customizable, modular shortcodes can be used in order to create any type of layout the blogger desires.
  • Search engines are available so readers can easily navigate the contents of the blogsite.

subway wordpress theme download

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Why Do You Need Subway Theme?

A premium blog theme such as the Subway WordPress Theme is a definite must have for a blogger. It has all the things one needs in order to launch a blog from customizable layouts to even the slightest details of font style, this WordPress theme has it all. It is suitable for both male and female bloggers as well as bloggers of all ages. By using this theme, a blogger can define the look of the site in any way possible. It is easy to use and the quality of the theme can be assured coming from one of the best authors in themeforest.

In conclusion, Subway WordPress Theme matches the needs of the blogger. Usually, advanced bloggers use premium themes like this but if a beginner is up for a challenge then why not. The payment for it is really reasonable for it has all the features a blogger needs depending on the type of blog one wants to do. It has a modern and sophisticated style that can never become outdated because the layout and design can be changed from time to time. Out of all the features that the theme provides, one can never be bored in creating a blog.

How to Purchase Subway WordPress Theme

An account must be made first in order to purchase the Subway WordPress Theme. >>>Click Here to Create an Account Free! It’s very easy and quick. Then visit Subway’s page, the theme can be bought and be available for download of the ZIP file containing the code for the WordPress theme. Upload the ZIP file on the WordPress theme directory and then unarchive the ZIP file that has been uploaded. If there are any problems in installation seek help from Qode, the theme author or access the WordPress tutorial file.

>> Click Here to Get Subway WordPress Theme

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