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Gone are the days when building a website means learning HTML and its associated page editors. Creating individual pages manually is no longer feasible, especially when a website has hundreds of items or has several non-technical authors contributing articles that need to be available online as soon as possible. Worse, editing posted content means re-coding the HTML pages that may take time. Fortunately, there are simpler and easier solutions that are currently available.

Most websites today use a Content Management System or CMS that lets users upload content without worrying about HTML codes and page design. Once installed, contributors with access can paste their articles in a form and save it as draft. After proofreading, clicking on the publish button immediately posts the article on the website. Posting content no longer requires knowledge of HTML.

A typical CMS has two components: the design or website theme and the content. Website design can be defined using customizable templates or themes. On the other hand, placeholders mark the location of user-enterable content on a web page. This allows the website owner to alter the looks of the website by changing or customizing the theme without manually recreating each page. It also allows the content to be independent of the page design.

One of the most popular CMS available today is WordPress. It is open source and has the support of countless theme developers, providing website owners with a huge selection of themes to serve as the starting point of a website’s design. One of the most popular choices is the Porto WordPress Theme.

About Porto’s Author

SmarWave - Porto wordpress theme author

A good theme must come with good support from its developer. The author of Porto Theme does not fail, offering limited support via an email form. This includes providing answers to common questions as well as technical questions on the theme’s features. The author also assists with reported bugs and issues, and provides assistance on third party assets. However, support does not include customization and installation services. Those who have limited success in this area should hire someone to do it for them. Documentation is extensive, however, so this may not be a problem for many.

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Porto WordPress Theme features

Porto Theme has features that can help owners create professional looking websites in minutes instead of weeks or months. The current version has 22 unique Homepage versions suitable for both corporate and ecommerce websites in addition to blogs. Owners can choose the initial theme for their website depending on the image that they want to project to their customers or readers. Both light and dark styles are available.

After choosing a starting point, owners can then customize the looks of individual page components. Header color and style is changeable to match the business image. Designers can apply the preferred color and style to the content, footers, product details, custom blocks, and even the background. It is very easy to use and is highly customizable. With live preview, designers get instant feedback on the effect of changes they wish to apply on the page design. There is no guesswork.

Porto wordpress theme featuresCustomizing Porto WordPress Theme is not limited to the color and style, but extends to the page layout itself. Maximum page width is easily adjustable. The location of individual page components is movable. Even the product pages can have from two to eight columns. Designers can experiment on what looks best.

Menus are an important aspect of web pages and Porto Theme does not disappoint in this regard, providing both horizontal and vertical menus as well as submenus. Without easy to use menus, users can get lost trying to find the information they need, and may give up. On the other hand, intuitive menus can lead them to content that they may not be aware of.

Will the website have Right to Left (RTL) language support? Porto Theme can support it! Examples of RTL include Arabic script.

This product has a very responsive design that looks good on any device at any resolution.  It can look good on either mobile devices or personal computer screens. They even optimized it for Apple’s retina screens.

Those who are conscious of page rankings would be happy to know that it is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) friendly too. In addition, they optimize web pages for speed so users will not give up while waiting for pages to load.

Why is responsiveness important? It is easy to create beautiful websites. However, non-optimized pages can be quite large and can take a long time to load on slower connections. Responsive themes solve this by using images and designs optimized for faster loading. This results in engaging pages that are quick to load.

What good is a responsive website if users are unaware of its existence? Thankfully, built-in social sharing features let users instantly share the current page to popular sites like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and Pinterest. One satisfied user can share a page, effectively endorsing it to friends on the social network. A good page can go viral in social media and increase traffic to the website.

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Who needs one?

Anybody who wants to set up a professional-looking website quickly, with the option for further customization, will benefit from this. Themes can be fine-tuned any time, even after the website goes live. This gives the owner the flexibility to incorporate designs and layouts that work and change those that do not. It has a powerful admin panel that makes these changes possible. Updates can be as simple as changing colors to extreme changes like rearranging the layouts. The best part is that changes do not affect the page content.


Why spend time creating themes from scratch when commercial themes can make a website up and running in a few minutes? Using professionally designed themes like Porto Theme allows the owner to concentrate on the business instead of learning how to create web pages. With a five star rating from its buyers, this product is definitely a good choice for most website-building requirements.

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