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Website owners find it hard to choose among hundreds of WordPress themes available. However, the Impreza theme is out to impress everyone looking for a fine, functional and SEO-ready template.

Impreza is an outstanding WordPress (WP) theme developed with multiple users type in mind. Designed by UpSolution, this theme has the look of other complicated WP themes, but with easy-to-use features that even DIY web owners will find convenient to install and navigate.

About UpSolution – The author of Impreza

impreza wordpress theme author

UpSolution is an elite WP designer and author that has released a number of high-rated WP themes online. Labeling itself as a web craftsman, UpSolution began designing WP themes after receiving memorable feedback from one of its clients after creating his website. The client commented how the website gave an extraordinary comfortable feel, comparing it to the same feeling of being at home in his bathrobe and slippers.

Since then, the company’s expert designers churn out fresh ideas in creating exquisite WP themes with integrated high technology features.

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Cool Features From The Experts

The Impreza theme possesses a long list of features that everyone will like. Its most popular features are the following:

Retina Ready and Fully Responsive Feature

Impreza is designed to be compatible with various display settings, including devices with retina displays. Viewing the theme on retina devices will show the same sharp quality as seen on regular desktops or other portable devices.

Despite supporting the modern-day gadget display solution, UpSolution kept performance in mind by designing it in a genius way to enhance responsiveness with every flick, allowing viewers to see the website without lags or cause app crashes.

Fully Customizable Settingsimpreza wordpress theme features

UpSolution kept Impreza’s multi-user purpose in mind by giving it a fully customizable feature that suits every user’s design requirements. It supports over 600 fonts and unlimited background colors. Users can also select from 20 predefined skins and four header layouts to match their brand. Other features are also customizable with simple clicks and settings to retain design consistency throughout the website. This feature made Impreza the perfect theme for website owners looking for viewer-friendly personal websites or companies in need of professional web design for image enhancement.

Visual Composer and Ultimate Add-ons

Users settling with the Impreza theme are not limited to using its predefined skin and layout. UpSolution ensures users will be more creative in using the theme by including the Visual Composer plugin at no additional license cost. This plugin is responsible for building fresh layouts, allowing users to customize their pages according to their envisioned look.

Also, the designer included the ultimate Visual Composer add-on (dubbed as the most powerful add-on yet) to promote endless possibilities in web page designing. UpSolution made users’ lives easier by adjusting add-on elements’ settings according to Impreza’s own build for hassle-free website customization. This add-on is offered for free with this theme.

Web Commerce Enabled Theme

Web owners planning to build their own online web shop will find the Impreza theme as their perfect choice. The theme comes with integrated full WooCommerce support to build online web stores with ease. Users don’t have to configure the online catalog’s design as WooCommerce applies all necessary style elements according to the web design automatically. Sellers simply need to set photos and prices and integrate their merchant accounts to start selling.

Easy-to-Build Forms

An easy-to-reach web owner attracts numerous clients. Impreza’s built-in contact form plugin lets web owners to set their contact forms with ease. Web owners with special contact form needs can use special plugins like the Contact Form 7 and Gravity Forms, which are compatible with Impreza.

Animation Feature Included

UpSolution knows that attracting and keeping web visitors engaged to the website are key features. The design group made content and image animation easier by integrating CSS3 animation feature. Users can customize animation details for branding easily with its easy-to-configure settings.

Coded for SEO

While the Impreza WordPress theme is enough to please web owners and visitors in terms of design, UpSolution makes sure that the theme is SEO-ready for improved online visibility. Its design comes with proper HTML semantics and integrated SEO techniques that comply with popular search engine’s algorithms.

Other features that come with this theme are:

  • BBPress-ready
  • Over 400 integrated icons
  • Slide revolution
  • RTL support
  • Translation-ready
  • Advanced typography options
  • Shortcode generator
  • Free support and updates

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Why Choose this Theme?

Numerous reasons emerge why this theme is ideal for you. If you’re looking for a lovely website built to perfection without any problems, the Impreza WordPress theme is the right choice for you. You can customize your website within minutes, making it ready for publishing and search engine indexing.

This plugin is also ideal for those in need of building user-friendly websites with professional appeal. Entrepreneurs building their own websites and web shops will definitely like its easy-to-customize features. Integrating their own design is also simple with the Visual Composer and accompanying add-ons.

Aside from building a good website, the Impreza theme is also recommended for web owners who want to save money on web development. The package itself is available for a cheap price, but is packed with features that may cost an extra $100 when purchased separately.

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Impreza’s Expert and Customer Reviews

The Impreza WordPress theme gained numerous positive feedbacks from review site editors and customers who installed it with WordPress. It ranked sixth in the Top 50 New WordPress Themes of 2014 and still continues to impress multiple web owners until today.

Many WordPress review sites and experts gave this product a nod for its useful features with ease of use that kept all types of web owners in mind. It gained positive feedback from CW Collection, Nthemes, and ThemeGrade.

Customers who have tried this theme gave it perfect ratings on review sites, citing its retina display, responsiveness, customizable features, and SEO-coded architecture as the perfect reasons to get the theme.

Overall, the Impreza theme is a great one to impress all types of web owners. It’s easy to use and offers limitless possibilities in designing a website according to their brand. On top of its affordable price, web owners will definitely appreciate its contribution to traffic and website engagement.

impreza wordpress theme expert and customer reviews

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