Central WordPress Theme: A Stylish Theme for WordPress

Central WordPress Theme

In order to visually captivate readers to view a blog or website, authors make use of themes. There are a lot of themes to choose from with different styles and designs, and are customizable depending on the preference of the author. TheCentral WordPress theme is one of them. It has sold over 2000 copies and it is considered to be one of the most popular themes for WordPress. Its selling price is $48, which is already inclusive of the buyer fee and the item price. Users who have bought it rated the theme with 4.4 out of 5 stars.

Author of Central Theme

The author of the Central Theme is Qode who is a Power Elite Author of themeforest. An elite author is rewarded best selling digital creatives from the Envato Market, which means that only the best and top selling authors can be a part of the Envato Elite. A member since February 2013, Qode already has 1,350 followers, and almost 40,000 sales of the themes with the best ones are Bridge Theme and Subway Theme. The author was also named the “Best Selling New Author on Themeforest in 2013” which is a huge accomplishment for a novice. >> Check All Themes of QODE!

Central WordPress Theme

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Features of Central WordPress Theme

The Central WordPress Theme is a fully customizable theme that has the following features:

  • It has a drop-down and main menu that is useful for blogs having a lot of pages.
  • Page transitions are also available that are visually entertaining for the readers of the blog.
  • This can also be turned on or off depending on what the blogger prefers. The header can be customized as parallax, responsive or fixed.
  • The paragraph and font styles can also be changed by the blogger.
  • Dropcap and highlighted sentences can be viewed in this theme as well as customizing block quotes within paragraphs.
  • Lists can be applied especially if the blogger wants to present a step by step procedure or to make the content easily understood.
  • Column layouts are also a feature of this theme that can add to the aesthetics of the blogsite.
  • Videos from Youtube and Vimeo can be posted in the site if necessary.
  • Image with text over can make the content attractive and interesting for the readers of the blog.
  • For artists and photographers, portfolios are also available to view different works of art.
  • Photographs can be arranged in a grid list and the number of columns is also customizable.
  • Photograph titles can also be added just below the photo.
  • The elegant and professional design of the theme is done by a professional team of designers that use a minimalist design on all of the pages.
  • The theme is fully responsive depending on what type of gadget and screen size the reader uses to view the blog. It is also translation ready which can be versatile in any language one wants to read to.
  • The font size, color and style can be changed with unlimited choices to choose from for a variety of personal and business uses. One doesn’t have to worry about the code for this theme because it is 100% valid using HTML5, CCS3 and jQuery.

central wordpress theme

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Blog themes can also be considered as an advertising technique. There are many blog websites available in the internet and apart from making blogposts interesting, another way is to make the site stylish and trendy. TheCentral WordPress Theme has it all. From its sleek design, to numerous features that are customizable, it is a theme one blogger must have. It confines to the tastes and the preferences of the blogger. Its price is very reasonable to the various features and designs that it can offer. It has all the things a blogger needs for a blogsite.

Central Theme – An Excellent Theme For Blogging

Overall, The Central WordPress Theme is an excellent theme to choose in blog writing. Its design and layout is classy and the content is easily readable, especially for those who have eye problems. Qode, the author of the theme is very hands-on with the buyers and is readily available for support in installing the theme. For a high quality theme like this, the price is really reasonable and it can be assured that the blog will gain attention from viewers.

It is so important that the theme for a blog is user-friendly and can be available for viewing in a wide variety of gadgets so that readers can easliy access the blog without compromising the look of the blog’s theme. The versatility, wide range of options, minimalist design and reasonable price of the Central WordPress theme can make a blog stylish and be known in the internet world.

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