Bridge WordPress Theme: Eye-Candy with Lots of Capability

Bridge WordPress Theme | Bridge Theme Download

Bridge WordPress Theme

WordPress is the most recognized website creator on the internet, with millions of businesses and individuals building their websites through WordPress. With that said, web developers have produced thousands of themes for individuals and businesses.

The Bridge WordPress Theme is one of those themes available on the market. The Bridge Theme by QODE is priced at $58. For that hefty price, you have to ask yourself what sort of a website-builder it is. As far as website-builders are concerned, it offers the same basic capabilities as any standard WordPress theme – but with a lot more.

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About the Author of Bridge Theme

QODE is the team behind the Bridge WordPress Theme. The company has produced a number of WordPress Themes with prices ranging from $48 – $58, and their themes are very impressive (you can check 2 other nice themes: Central Theme and Subway Theme). The web team behind Bridge is also behind other acclaimed themes such as Eden, Strata and River, which are just as expensive but just as feature-rich as Bridge. Based on their online portfolio, you can say that QODE is a reputable and professional web team. >> Check All Theme Of QODE!

Bridge WordPress Theme | Bridge Theme Download

Bridge WordPress Theme

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How Does Bridge Theme Work

Just like any other WordPress theme, the Bridge Theme uses a combination drag-and-drop and slider plug-ins. The drag-and-drop system is used to add web content – choose any template (whether a text paragraph plug-in or an image plug-in), then drag the template to the website. From there, you can customize content by adding text, editing photos or creating slideshows and buttons. Plus, there is a slider plug-in called the QODE slider which tweaks and resizes pictures and videos.

Features and Options of Bridge WordPress Theme

The Bridge WordPress Theme has a ton of features, and here are some of the most notable among them:

* Sleek and polished web design

The Bridge WordPress Theme is as professional-looking as QODE’s other WordPress themes. The web design is flawlessly stunning, thanks to the retina-display (high-resolution) quality. To see it for yourself, you can check out the three demo sites: Graphic Studio, Cupcake and Sunglass Shop. Each of these demos gives a glimpse of the wonderful web design and layout of the Bridge WordPress Theme.

* Complete customization

The Bridge WordPress Theme is completely customizable, as you have almost endless ways to enhance your website. There are a lot of options to customize titles, headlines, navigation menus, text areas, image galleries, and even order forms. In addition, there is the option to import web pages and content from your other sites – and Bridge will transport them to WordPress seamlessly and effortlessly.

Concerning customization, here are the parts of a website that you can fully customize:

  • The title area (choose between text, image or logo)
  • The headers (set the header format, title color, font size and animation)
  • The main menu (standardize the menu layout for desktop and mobile versions of your website, or choose whether or not to add icons next to menu text)
  • The left menu (choose the option to have the menu on the left portion of the website, plus the option to make it transparent)
  • The footer (set the number of columns from 1 to 4)
  • QODE slider

Bridge WordPress Theme | Bridge Theme Download

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This nifty feature on the Bridge WordPress Theme gives full flexibility on adding images and videos. The QODE Slider feature allows you to customize images and videos, and include:

  • Animation elements for photos and pictures such as fade in, fade out and flip
  • Set the height image to either fixed setting or responsive setting
  • Set the video to play in full-screen mode
  • Add captions in each picture and position text
  • Animated transitions

The Bridge WordPress Theme also has a number of animated transitions for webpages to create a more visual effect. In case you prefer your website to be more static and traditional, there is the option to turn off animations.

* Video backgrounds

The coolest feature in this WordPress theme is the option to add a video file and play looped video footage. Upon uploading your video, you can set it as the background for your website.

* Support for multiple languages

The Bridge Theme also supports foreign languages such as Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Slavic as the theme can run websites in various languages.

* WooCommerce

If your website has an online store, The WooCommerce plug-in allows your website to handle online orders and transactions from customers 24/7. The WooCommerce plug-in also allows you to track your sales and the status of online orders.

* Interactive Web Elements

The WordPress theme also comes with statistical content such as pie charts, progress bars, graph charts, and web counters.

* Desktop and Mobile Compatibility

The Bridge Theme can be fully-rendered in both desktop and mobile versions of your website, and it gives you the ability to tweak your site for compatibility on both platforms.

Bridge WordPress Theme | Bridge Theme Download

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Why Do You Need Bridge WordPress Theme

With a price tag of $58, the Bridge WordPress Theme certainly is one of the more expensive web themes you can find on the market. However, with QODE being known for high quality WordPress themes acclaimed by both users and critics alike, you can expect this theme to be in the same mold.

This WordPress theme is one of the most impressive themes because for one, the web design is pure eye-candy. From the gorgeous web design templates to the animated transitions and video backgrounds, this theme is sure to attract attention of many potential viewers and customers. QODE knows that first impressions last, and they make sure this WordPress theme is impressive at first glance.

It is also worth noting that there is a lot of customization and flexibility allowed. Bridge is very customizable, from the headers and navigation menus to the dedicated QODE Slider for image and video scaling. The Bridge Theme has many colours to choose from, and an unlimited number of headers to try out.

Get Bridge WordPress Theme at

The Bridge WordPress Theme from QODE is certainly one of the higher-priced web themes out there, but it balances style and substance. Bridge is full of impressive web visuals and at the same time, it comes fully-packed with useful features. At $58 , the theme is worth every cent.

You should choose ThemeForest to Purchase this theme. Why? Because ThemeForest is the #1 marketplace for premium website templates, including themes for WordPress, Magento, Drupal, Joomla, and more. And only ThemeForest guarantees all your rights by requiring all sellers perform their obligations with customers, before getting the money.

I also bought this theme from ThemeForest and used it for my baby site – best car seat stroller combo reviews – and saw better experiences from readers. However, my friend (other founder of the baby site) wanted to change other theme to be more suited for a baby blog, so we decided to change. But both of us agree that Bridge is one of the best theme we’ve used.

Bridge WordPress Theme | Bridge Theme Reviews

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Why You Should Not Use Nulled Version of Bridge Theme

There are a lot of nulled versions of Bridge WordPress Theme shared out there with the introduction of “100% FREE”. But are they free? No, of course! Everything has its price, even free theme. And the price of nulled themes is always much more expensive than premium themes. Please consider this image:

virus in nulled themes

This is the result of virus scan for a nulled theme I got from a sharing site. It contains at least 10 virus and trojan. Who knows what happens to your site you activate it?! Usually, these virus are created for following purposes:

  • Redirect your visitors to other sites automatically, usually be dirty sites. However, they will not do so as soon as you activate the theme but wait until your site has a large enough traffic.
  • Insert tons of links to other sites. This is a blackhat seo technique and Search Engines do not like this. Your site will be punished by Google, Yahoo, Bing,…
  • And many more…

One more thing that is not from virus, it’s support. If you use a nulled theme, there’s no one to help you when you have trouble in use. There’s a lot of trouble and you will have to take few days, even more, to solve. But if you purchase Bridge WordPress Theme at ThemeForest, you will get live support from QODE, everything will be solved in minutes.

So, for long-term benefit of your website, please don’t use nulled theme. Let’s purchase Bridge Theme at ThemeForest for absolute safety and live suport from QODE.

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